Marketing is a very vital part of any business. Without marketing, the company cannot survive, so a marketing strategy is extremely important. The best marketing strategy is to reach the target buyers at the right time. How? provides tools that are geared to making you reach your potential target buyers. understands the buyers’ behavior and know how to find them. provides 3 in 1 marketing solution to help suppliers find their potential target buyers.

Online Marketing:

Nowadays, internet dominates source of information so it becomes daily use for business needs. Many buyers come to internet daily to source for products and suppliers. The internet offers exciting and cost saving marketing schemes geared to quickly realize your sales dreams. offers online marketing solutions that work. offers the following online marketing solutions for companies that want to multiply their sales globally.

Company Website:

A company website is the first step to enter the online marketing world. A Company website will help you to cut your marketing cost and at the same time increase your sales and profits. offers instant website for you according to your needs and demands.

Domain Name Registration:

 Domain name makes your company unique online. It allows you to have your own company’s name and email addresses making your company distinct. You can register your company’s domain right now with and start enjoying the benefit of having a domain name for your company.



Web Hosting and Maintenance:

You need a reliable web hosting company to host and maintain your company’s website. provides 24 hours wholly technical support to ensure your website functions properly. offers cost saving and top of the line technology web hosting services tailor-made for companies like you.

Search Engine Optimization:

Many people have website without promoting it. Having a website without search engine optimization is like someone who dressed the most beautiful clothes but locked himself/herself inside an isolated room where nobody can see him/her. offers website promotion services to its premium members and their websites are promoted on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and many more in different languages and countries around the world increasing members’ chance of more enquiries leading to more sales.


Web B2B Portals:

There many growing B2B Portals where you can easily use to grow your business no matter where you are. There are many general B2B portals and specialized industries portals to support your marketing needs around the world. provides integrated marketing services to suppliers around the world to connect them direct to buyers. You can use online free services such as auction, trade lead, showroom to reach potential buyers; you can search potential buyers from our ever growing online business directory. You can also use other related B2B Marketplace to further promote your business.

Premium Services:

Study shows that free online marketing is not sufficient; it faces lots of risks as well. Because of the Internet being a free access media to reach buyers, buyers faced many frauds, spam and other illegal activities online. To combat such practices, Premium Services has been introduced to help companies establish their names, reputations and position online.

Recently, launched an even better low cost and yet effective online promotion service to help its members attract more buyers. Sponsored postings will certainly boost your company’s awareness online.’s Premium services includes

Premium Services Type




These memberships are geared to show each supplier’s standing and reputation online to their potential buyers.

Online Advertisement Services:

Do you want to be noticed by millions instantly? Do you want your company presence online to be like Cinderella at the ball? If so, then online company banner and products catalogs advertisement is just what you need. offers online advertisement schemes such as standard banner, sky crapper banner, squared banner, featured banners, and featured catalogs and products gallery advertisement.

Target Marketing:

Email marketing is a targeted precise marketing that goes direct to buyers. Buyers are always reluctant to be the first to contact a supplier so it is rather the supplier’s interest to first make contact with a buyer. Through consistent approach one can gain buyer’s attention and business.



Trade Fairs:

There are some traditional buyers still believe in seeing and touching before buying. promotes trade expos all over the world, promote brands of its clients at trade shows, promote its customers products samples and catalogs at exhibitions, and many more services.

Our advice is that you combine all the above marketing tools to help your company reach its marketing goals. is ready to answer your questions if you have any, you can contact us now!.