Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. How to join
Joining in as a member is fairly easy. Just register on the website as a new member. It’s FREE of cost.

2. What can I do as a member?
After joining in as a free member, you can search or post buy/sell trade offers, or buy any product from any seller. Choose from over 500,000 products covered under 65 main categories on the site. If you can’t find any product/category, you can contact the webmaster with the details. To increase your business prospects avail services like advertising and promotion, trade sites, credit report and much more by subscribing to our cost effective and comprehensive memberships.

3. What are the membership plans available?
There are five (4) membership plans from, each catering to the different business types.

4. How can I manage my account?
As an member, your user information is secure in the Profile section of the site. You can view posted offers, responses, or edit/update user information at any time.

5. How to Sell?
You can sell your goods and services by posting a sell offer on the site. If a buyer wants to buy your product he can either buy that product directly or send you a query. He can also contact you directly.

How seller get the payment?
After buying a product payment from the buyer will go to the seller bank account through Paypal. If seller has no paypal account in that case payment from the buyer will rcvd by the buyerXpo authority’s paypal account.

6. How to Buy?
You can buy products and services at the most reasonable prices from reputed sellers by posting a buy offer or buy product with the help of shopping cart. Either contact sellers directly or buy product directly from the website….no need to wait for quotations from sellers. For details, please visit For Buyers.

7. How to promote?
Promotion at is comprehensive, cutting edge and targeted. Choose from the various promotional options, each designed towards maximum mileage. Promotion through trade sites is subject to membership facilities availed. Know more about Trade sites from the related section.

8. How do I start my business/ How do I increase my profits?
If you are starting up or want to expand your business, has the most apt solution. We provide the facility of business centers also to set up your business at a fraction of the usual cost. If you have your own set up then helps promote and generate business leads over the internet.

9. What are the resources on aims at imparting updated and useful information to its privileged members. The available trade resources are:

  • Trade Show : we provide professional online trade show to enhance exhibitors’ opportunity to acquire international buyers’ information. During the exhibition, we will assist exhibitors to take the scene video. We also give out the buyer guide and CDs. After the show ended, those videos will be posted on for review. In addition, the buyers could go through our buyer guide and CDs to search the products and also go to trade show to find more information.
  • Newsletter: Newsletters are sent to members informing about the latest updates on products and new launches.
  • Trade news: News on trade from all around the world to make the members aware of new trends in the international market.
  • Trade alerts: Trade alerts are the information about a prospective business alliance.
  • Links: Links with other related sites enriching the content of the website.
  • Articles and press releases: Articles and press releases published by covering many business related areas.

10. Who can participate in exhibitions/trade shows?
Every paid member can participate in exhibitions if they wish. Get information about all major international and national trade shows on this site. We also help in participation and promotion of our clients and their products.


Buyer Activity [How buyer will benefited from]

  1. Any type of buyer buy product from any type of seller (paid or non paid).
  2. Buyer view contact information only of paid seller.
  3. Buyer can send message only to paid seller.
  4. Buyer can view selling leads of any type of seller
  5. Buyer can view detail profile and posted product of specific Seller.
  6. Buyer can view Company information of seller
  7. Buyer can search/visit the product according to Category and Sub Category.
  8. Buyer can view Details Information of any Type of product
  9. Buyer can View the Country origin of seller
  10. Buyer will know the available quantity of specific product
  11. Buyer have to register to which is free
  12. Registered Buyer can Edit their info
  13. Registered user must have to input his Shipping and Billing Info
  14. Registered user will get Unique Username and Password
  15. Registered Buyer will have their personal Control Pannel
  16. Buyer can place an Order
  17. Buyer can buy product by Shopping Cart
  18. After buy a product by the buyer it will be tracked by the BuyerXpo admin
  19. After buy a product by the buyer everybody(buyer, seller and buyerXpo Authority) will get notification by mail

Seller Activity [How seller will benefited from]

  1. Seller can be free member anytime through registration with
  2. Seller can browse all type of buyer’s info according to Category and sub category
  3. Seller can upload their products and services in this website as much as they want. Amount of uploading product by the seller will depend on seller’s membership category.
  4. Number of buyers that seller can contact/sending message to the buyers will depend on seller’s membership category.
  5. Paid seller can enter any Buyer’s Profile page
  6. Paid seller can get contact Information of buyer as per member category
  7. Any type of seller can view buying leads of buyer
  8. Seller have to register with
  9. Registered Seller(Paid or free)  can Edit their info
  10. To register with seller(Paid)  must have to insert their Paypal or Bank info
  11. To register with seller(paid) have to  insert their credit card info
  12. Registered seller(Paid or free) will get Unique Username and Password
  13. Registered Seller(Paid or free)  will have their personal Control Pannel
  14. If seller has no paypal account in that case payment from the buyer will rcvd by the buyerXpo authority’s paypal account. After That BuyerXpo Authority will deposit the money to the seller’s specified bank account
  15. BuyerXpo authority can track all the payment rcvd from/by the buyer.


Bangladesh [How will be benefited]

From the feelings of heart of hearts this was the long time past due dream of the owner of the that we shall have to do something to explore the export business of third world country like Bangladesh. While, specially south east Asian country like Bangladesh has huge lack of buyer sourcing in an American outlet. From American market place sourcing of buyers is easier than anywhere else in the world. So we made this open venue world portal for world sellers and buyers.
Though this website ( is open for the world but we believe the greater Asian countries specially Bangladesh, India, China’s Seller will get huge facility from this unique site as because it has a country office situated at Dhaka, Bangladesh which is operated from USA. Bangladesh has more than 6 thousand registered buying house and a big amount of people directly and indirectly involve  with SME and RMG Sector. so it will be a great helpful for them to search and as well as contact with international and national buyer from BuyerXpo will play an important role to develop third world country like Bangladesh.
On the other hand as the Bangladeshi products and suppliers information will be included in the buyerXpo data base, so buyer will have an open ended opportunity to know the Bangladeshi suppliers where mass  producer of readymade garment (7000aprox),Hosiery product manufacturer( 2000aprox), Leather and Leather goods manufacturer(500aprox), Textile, Handicrafts, Plastic and other product manufacturer (2000aprox) and  also more than 30000 trading company existing.

To about 30 countries around the world, Bangladesh presently exports ready-made garments, with over 45% to USA, 50% to the countries in EU and 3% to Canda and rest to the other countries of the world. Country's apparel export has been growing on an average at the rate of 25% for last several years. The country, last year ranked 6th larget apparel exporter to the USA the EU. It’s a big challenge for to increase this percentage dramatically.

There are about 2500 export oriented ready-made garment industry in Bangladesh those are clustered over mainly Dhaka and Chittagong. Such distribution offers buyers advantage to choose the right manufacturers and exporters, throughout the year, with minimum effort. help Bangladeshi buyer and seller on the whole in two ways, one they can find there desired buyer and they can sell and buy their product. Another important function is Auction.